Perspectives of 100 Chief Audit ExecutivesThis is a day-long training seminar for Internal Auditors of all levels to learn the techniques, methodologies, tips, and tricks that over 100 CAEs use to 


within their organization.


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Training Agenda

7:30 – 8:30 AM

Registration and Networking

8:30 – 10:00 AM Advanced Techniques to Identify Risk

The goal of this 90 minute presentation and facilitated discussion is to:

  • Learn the top 10 methods to used to identify risks relevant to your organization.
  • Understand how internal auditors of all levels, staff, managers, and CAEs, should apply these methods.
  • Understand the four key stakeholders every internal auditor should have to help identify emerging risks.
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of different resources used to assess and communicate risk throughout the organization.

10:00 – 10:30 AM

Networking Break

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM Deconstructing the Internal Audit Process

The goal of this 90 minute presentation and facilitated discussion is to:

  • Highlight the four documents need to be used to in the planning process of every audit.
  • Dissect the five most important planning techniques of Fortune 100 internal audit departments.
  • Share best practice techniques to ensure your audit customer is part of the internal audit fieldwork process.
  • Learn how to write the audit report during fieldwork, and drastically reduce the amount of time between end of fieldwork and issuing the final internal audit report.
  • Ensuring that agreed upon management action plans are acted on timely.
  • How to reporting audit results to senior and executive management, and the Audit Committee and Board of Directors.

12:00 – 1:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:00 – 3:00 PM Top Ten Audits Every Department Should Perform

The goal of this 110 minute presentation and facilitated discussion is to:

  • Share perspectives on the top internal audits most CAEs routinely want to learn more about.
  • Understand the top risks of these audits, and how to determine if these risks are relevant to your organization.
  • Highlight how auditors at all levels can help collect and present data to get these top audits on the audit plan.
  • Collect attendee insights on the most common issues that arise from these audits.

3:00 – 3:30 PM

Networking Break

3:30 - 5:30 PM Going the Extra Mile to Enable Positive Change

The goal of this 110 minute presentation and facilitated discussion is to:

  • Understand the top three traits all CAEs want from their team members, but hardly ever ask for.
  • Share three best practices that separate world class internal audit departments from their peers.
  • Learn different online marketing techniques to improve internal audit’s brand in your organization.
  • Reveal two tips that will help CAEs better leverage their co-source provider relationships to increase IA’s credibility.
  • How to network, both internally and externally, to turn Internal Audit from a supporting and compliance function to a mission critical department.
  • Learn from our audience! What does their internal audit department do to differentiate themselves and to be seen as change agents within their organization?

Our Trainer

Tom O’Reilly

Tom O’Reilly is the Director of Internal Audit at Analog Devices. Analog Devices is a global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of semiconductors and integrated circuits with annual revenues exceeding $3 billion. Tom is responsible for developing and carrying-out a risk-based Internal Audit program, overseeing an internal audit team to plan, conduct, and report on internal audit projects, and share the team’s analysis with senior management and the Audit Committee.

In addition to his day job, he is also the founder of the CAE Leadership Forum, a New England-based group of Chief Audit Executives and Internal Audit leaders that meets bi-monthly to learn from internal audit subject matter experts, share best practices, and to network with other Internal Audit leaders with the goal of using Internal Audit as a tool to Enable Positive Change within their organization.

Tom is a frequent speaker on many internal audit topics. Tom was a panelist discussing the Three Lines of Defense at 2015 Compliance Week Annual Conference, a presenter on Advanced Techniques to Identify Risk at MIS Training Institute’s 2014 Audit World Conference, a panelist discussing Cyber Security Risk Management best practices with the Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance professionals, and has spoken and presented multiple times at IIA chapters in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Tom has also been quoted in articles in Compliance Week on topics including Cyber Security, Anti-Corruption, the Three Lines of Defense, and the IIA’s new standards. Tom has also been sought for comment on an article about the Three Lines of Defense in the IIA’s Internal Auditor Magazine.

Before his current role at Analog Devices, Tom was an internal audit manager in EY’s Risk Advisory practice, where he had the opportunity to work with two internal audit departments of different Fortune 100 companies. Before EY, Tom also held internal audit and risk management leadership roles at Steinway Musical Instruments and Fannie Mae.

After a full day’s work, Tom enjoys spending time with his wife Lauren and daughter Brynn, fitting in a new Crossfit workout, and harrassing marketing to local Internal Audit leaders to attend future CAE Leadership Forum events.

About Our Event

In January 2014, I was 15 months in to my role as a CAE. As I reflected on the past 12 months, I believed I had a very successful year. But, to say that it was easy would be a huge understatement. What I realized I was missing was a network of peers to see how they dealt with similar issues I faced. So, in January 2014, my new year’s resolution was to meet 10 different CAEs in the hopes of learning what made them successful and to share best practices with.

After meeting 10 CAEs in three weeks, I decided to meet another 10. And then another 10. And then some more. After all of these cups of coffee, I realized that I wasn’t alone, and that there were other CAEs who were looking for insights to improve their internal audit department.

In April of 2014, we held our first CAE Leadership Forum meeting, which consisted of 14 Internal Audit leaders sitting around a table sharing perspectives on what worked, and what did not work, about their internal audit risk assessment process.

Since then, the CAE Leadership Forum has grown from the 14 leaders to now a distribution list of 250+ Internal Audit leaders in New England. Our group meets bi-monthly to discuss topics ranging from enterprise risk management, starting a data analytics department, reporting to the audit committee, and improving internal audit’s processes. We even had Norman Marks come visit our group!

But what does this have to do with Perspectives of 100 CAEs? Great question. My story is relevant because this training is a direct output from all of my conversations and established relationships with the New England Internal Audit leadership community. It is relevant because from these conversations, I’ve implemented many different techniques to carry out the responsibilities of a successful Chief Audit Executive and change agent. I’ve had a lot of successes, and unfortunately, probably a few too many failures, all with the hope of improving the service and value Internal Audit provides to my organization.

It is also relevant because, similar to the CAE Leadership Forum events, Perspectives of 100 CAEs will focus less on “what” is important, or “why” it is important, and much more so on “how” other Internal Auditors carry out their responsibilities to Enable Positive Change within their organization. Being an Internal Auditor is hard. Being a successful Internal Auditor is even more difficult. Come join us to find out how to make your job a little easier, to provide more value to your organization, and maybe even have a little fun while you're at it!


Frequently Asked Questions

The Institute of Internal Auditors has been the pre-eminent organization to help internal auditors do their jobs better. Through their standards, certifications, publications, and especially the thought leadership provided from the IIA’s Research Foundation, the IIA has further enhanced almost every internal auditors’ capability, and our industry’s credibility.

However, this event is completely separate from, and not part of, the Institute of Internal Auditors or any of its associated chapters.

There are many local, national, and international training opportunities for Internal Auditors of all levels. So first, thank you for even considering attending our training event.

There are three main points of difference between “Perspectives of 100 CAEs” and the industry-standard training opportunities you have to choose from.

First, in the past 28 months, I have personally met and developed relationships with over 100 Chief Audit Executives, both in New England and nationally, with the goal of understanding how they personally have achieved their success, and how their internal audit department adds value to their organizations.

From my personal successes, and even failures, of applying what I’ve learned from these CAEs, my experiences as a CAE of two different companies, and having worked with two internal audit departments of Fortune 100 companies, I believe I have a unique and current point of view of what works, and what may not work, as it relates to running an Internal Audit department. And for the past two years, I’ve organized and continue to lead a networking group of New England-based CAEs that meets bi-monthly to discuss what’s top of mind for CAEs, and how they address their most pressing topics.

Second, we have all attended training events that focus on “what” an issue or topic is, “why” it is important, and even “what” to do about it. Like you, I’ve found these events to be helpful from varying degrees, but also always leaving with unanswered questions and wanting more.

The goal of “Perspectives of 100 CAEs” has less to do with “what” is important or “why” it is important, and has much more to do with “how” to do it or deal with it. For example, how to collect information and data to identify and communicate risk, how to carry-out a comprehensive internal audit process, and how I, and many other CAEs, use internal audit to Enable Positive Change within their organization.

Finally, I believe that Internal Auditors who attend “Perspectives of 100 CAEs” are not doing so just for the CPE credits. Those who will attend have a passion for Internal Audit, self-improvement, and meeting like-minded individuals to share their experiences and network with.

Wow, I’m humbled that you’d ask! More information on my background can be found on my Linkedin page. Some of my thoughts on Internal Auditing and can be found on my (somewhat outdated) blog at the CAE Leadership Forum. And if you’re really interested, I’d be happy to grab a cup of coffee with you to introduce myself in person! Shoot me an email at, and let’s put some time on our calendars.

Absolutely, 8 CPEs will be provided for attendees who participate in the entire training. At this time, the CPE credits are not NASBA certified.

When will I receive the CPE credits?                                                         

You will receive electronic copies of your CPE credit certificates within one week of completing the training.

Will Lunch Be Provided?                                                                   

There are too many great food locations and local restaurants to even consider offering lunch during our one-day training. I promise you will be glad you have the opportunity to step out from our training room to enjoy the culinary mecca Norwood, MA is now known for.

However, plenty of coffee, drinks, and refreshments will be provided during the entire day of training.

What do I wear?                                                

I would recommend you come dressed “professionally casual”. This is somewhere between your pajamas and your tuxedo or ball gown dress. Whatever will help you focus on learning and engaging with your peers should be fine.

Shoot me an email at, and let me know what's on your mind. I may need a couple of days to return to your email, so thanks in advance for your patience.

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Sheraton Four Points

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